Our Team Members of

ONCLOUD9 LIMITED Motion Pictures Company was established by the group of like-minded brilliant professionals who entirely devoted themselves to the wonderful world of the cinematography.

The company is focused on the production and distribution of pictures with high quality of the image, which animation kind is in growing demand all over the world. Undoubtedly the real professionals with extensive experience in management, filmmaking, marketing and sales direct the significant development of the cinematography. We assemble staff specialists as well as external prominent directors and scriptwriters for creating the in-demand content. We distribute not only our projects but also the successful ones made by other talented filmmakers.

In order to stay in advance of changes and be aware of what the modern audience is interested in and what they expect to watch we regularly carry out various marketing researches. We dedicate all our resources to creating the unique picture pleasing the tastes and preferences of our dear viewers.

Mark Crook

While seeking for profitable niche for investing Mark has been involved in diversified number of the industrial branches. With valuable experience in finance Mark has committed loads of time to establishing new enterprises and consulting of different start-up businesses.

Omar Yazid

Omar has been fond of cinema since his childhood. He admits that while other children were playing in a sandbox he was spending his time in the cinema. Our Company has significant opportunities for successful growth thanks to Omar with his unique background in elaboration, production and distribution of new content of high quality.

Nirmala Latjuba

Last 10 years of Nirmala's life have been firmly connected with cinemathography. She directs elaboration, production and distribution of films by maintaining strong relationships with our loyal customers in domestic and external markets.

Rohit Pawar

Rohit has experienced in working on Asian TV that is why he has clear perception of what content will gain interest on Asian continent. This experience enables him to conclude successful deals.

Stefan Schulz

Stefan is our magician and master of special effects! His boundless fantasy has made numerous scenes fabulous and unforgettable. "If you can not do something, just think why?" In such way he often challenges himself and starts creating a marvelous picture!

Xian Tan

Xian is duty for different responsibilities such as writing scripts, price formation of the order, client service, marketing and distribution. In spite of multiple cases he has enough vigor for completing all objectives in the best way.

Bakary Nabe

Bakary has been studying cinema and animation on his own, then he has started his career as an intern in a small animation team. Being enthusiastic about his career promotion he sent his CV to us. And it was his lucky chance! Since then he works as an Assistant Visual Effects Artist/Editor.

Amir Kumar

Amir has been working in the cinemathography since 2015 as an art director, scriptwriter, director's assistant and the director of the script. Along with major film production he additionally manages the contracts and supports the contacts with the company's clients.

Kasih Tandiono

From accounts receivable to auditing a production, Kasih has the accounting skills to keep the company in line with current state and federal laws. Kasih's favorite joke is the following: "The guys like to watch fantastic movies but I like to look at fantastic numbers!"